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These Little Earthquakes
20 most recent entries

Date:2004-07-25 14:52

stolen from janai (lilmamaj7)

Did u hear about the dyslexic Satatist?
He sold his soul to Santa

Hear about the guy that lost his left arm and leg?
He's all right now

How do u get holy water?
Boil the hell out of it

How does a J.A.P. change a lightbulb?
She says "Daddy, I want a new room"

What did the fish say when he hit the concrete wall?

What do Eskimos get from sittin on the ice too long?

What do the letters DNA stand for?
National Dyslexics Association

What do u call a boomerang that doesn't work?
A stick

What do u call someone else's cheese?
Nacho cheese

What do u call Santa's helpers?
Subordinate clauses

What do u call four bullfighters in quicksand?
Quatro sinko

What is a zebra?
25 sizes bigger than an 'A' bra

What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic?
And lettuce?

What lies on the ocean floor and twitches?
A nervous wreck

Whats the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
Anyone can roast beef

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Date:2004-07-07 15:51
Subject:Cult AOL
Mood: pissed off

ya know, i HATE the little scripts that customer service reps have to read over the phone. i just tried for the THIRD time to cancel my AOL account, and got off the phone with another 2 months free. do i WANT those free months? NO! what the hell?! am i a push over, no... i'm actually pretty heartless... but i dont' wanna be an ass to them cuz they're doing their job, ya know? but at the same time, they wear me down with all that mess! the more i say i don't the service, the more they throw at me, and the longer i have to stay on the damn phone. so freakin annoying. i called on my lunch break, because when i get off, the department i need is closed, and between all the transfers, holds and unwanted "offers" i was on the phone til i was LATE getting back to work. so now i have to call AGAIN to cancel my subscription AGAIN. will this madness NEVER end?! ARGH!

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Date:2004-07-05 23:17

man, i'm craving a baked potato!

oooh, and some snow crab!

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Date:2004-07-05 22:20

song 2 of fiona's new album has been leaked. it's freakin AWESOME! sounds like marylin manson, kinda. wich i KNOW is hard to pictue with fiona. but it sounds so damn good. sony is on my hit list right now. i'm sure they have their reasons, but oh man i want this so badly!

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Date:2004-07-04 20:34

currently at work. there's a GREAT fireworks display here at 9. kinda looking forward to it. actually, i now wanna go home. the burger i got was RED, not pink.... and i like it very well done. i may die this evening. :(

love james for bringing me food from his BBQ though. it's yummy. even cold :P "the gang" stopped by to see the fireworks, but i think they grew restless cuz they left me and went to the beach :P and i got them the hook-up too! :P ok, i think they're starting now..... i hear loud stuff.

happy 4th everyone.

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Date:2004-07-04 01:27

fun day today. i slept in. took the music i dled on this comp and put it on MY computer. (finally, i can make a couple of GOOD trance CDs....still want more PPK though >:o) went to ross for belts and got a cool shirt. went to office max for a organizer. (i desperately needed one.) ate at red lobster. (snow crab...yes, please!) went to the movies to see dodgeball: a true underdog sport. (i now really wanna freakin play.) went to see al at work--he wasn't there. (or so he claimed *pinky to mouth*) must remember to call him tomorrow. all in all, a mighty relaxing day.

mail call.... 2 letters thanx. 1 international, and 1 from vodevil--thanx, i'll write back soon :)

i need to get Bad Santa on DVD. i think it's out now.

i love fiona's single "extraordinary Machine" i swear, you can't hide shit from die hard fans :P come on sony, quit making me beg, release EM in the US already!!!

i work tomorrow. 4-945p. then i see a sweet fire work display. fun every year. (the fireworks, not the work.)

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Date:2004-07-02 16:06

i got tomorrow off. (woohoo!)
i work the 4th of july (boo!)
today is my last (Scheduled) day in the sweltering concession stand heat (woohoo!)
i have 3 more letters to write (woohoo!)
i get to sleep in tomorrow (woohoo!)
i wasn't hungover at work (woohoo!)

well now, the woohoo's have it. good day so far. :)

by the way, ashley i think you should do the penpal thing. it's not for everyone, but i always think of you when i think of "penpaling". eh, just a thought :P

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Date:2004-07-01 00:41
Mood: annoyed

ok vodevil you were right (though i had no doubt), i just saw Far-9/11 and i comment michael moore. i really do hope more go see the movie. i think it brings up a lot of VERY interesting points. it's a movie that you don't have to agree 100% with, but will definitely make you think. and really, that's what we ALL need to do more often. a catalyst people, we need a catalyst -- sometimes. but i thought it was great. i really did. highly recommend it to everyone. (even happier that it came out right before election :D)

i sincerely think that there should be a better way to get the issues across. am i the only one who WANTS to know more, but don't quite know where to look. no. let me rephrase that. i know of sites... but i want a completely unbiased site. a site that states the candidates platforms. a site that isn't super longwinded and confusing. there are definite issues that i want to know about, but i dont' want to have to scroll through a ton of OTHER stuff (not saying that stuff isn't important, mind you) to find it. if you're thinking "damn, she's lazy. she just wants it handed to her." well, yea. sorta. i don't mind doing the research, but really it's kinda overwhelming. plus, more people, at least in my opinion, would get INVOLVED if they knew what was going on. meaning, make it available in different formats. i LOVE MTV for their Choose or Lose campaign. i remember when they started that and i WATCHED that. because it explained things to me. (actually, i was on their site yesterday trying to look up candidate stuff :D) and it really helped clinton, because he not only ACKNOWLEDGED mtv, he did that famous "i didn't inhale" discussion with mtv and panel of teens. the same teens his republican opposition said would be a waste to make time for because they don't vote anyway. guess what? explain shit to us, and we do. and i'm not trying to make it a dem/reb/indep thing. i don't care. educate yourself. have an intelligent conviction. vote. be heard. make an empassioned change. or shut the fuck up. i'm not a bush supporter (in the least), but i can't stand people who (legally could vote) didn't vote for whatever reason. if you don't cast a ballot, you shouldn't cast complaint. done.

yup.... i'm hyped.

in other news (happier news :D):
98% of the teenage population does/has tried pot. If you're part of the 2% who hasn't, copy this in your journal.

i sent a little something-something in the mail to melissa-ann and shaunté today...so i'd keep an eye on the mailbox :D

while i love josh dearly and will surely sing high praises of his name tomorrow, tonight i want his death. boy got me LOST... on the beach... at MIDNIGHT. DEATH lee (ironically enough) helped me out when i called home. the boy's lucky he's fam. damn lucky.

ok, i think i'm gonna head to bed soon. just wanted to say stuff before i do. my comp had been slow with the loading of pages (despite the dsl), so when i trie to update before, i got impatient and just shut the whole thing off :P hehe. :D

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Date:2004-06-28 16:46
Mood: pissed off

i just got a phone call from one of my cradit cards saying that i owe 4500 on my card and they called because they were "opening a court file" for me. wtf?! i didn't even USE this card until april of 2004. now i'm mad that i said i'd stay at work because i NEED to call this woman back. fuck!

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Date:2004-06-28 14:15

i'm being so productive. i'm at work (in the OFFICE, thank you muchly) and i just put the rest of my credit cards on my payee thing through my bank online. (so that i can just pay them all at the same time.) took me SO long to do that, but it'll get me freakin organized with paying them all (and on time, yay). and technically, if you think about it, i just got PAID to do so. :) see, all i really need is proper motivation. :D

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Date:2004-06-28 10:05

well now, good news MY way. one of the cashiers quit (kinda sad cuz it was dina, and i liked her) and now i have MY spot back. concessions is EVIL. i'm happy to have my AC back :D

sent out melissa-ann's letter one of two. :P still working on vodevil's little sumin-sumin :P (actually i need to get it weighed with melissa-ann.) sucky thing is, i work during the times the PO is open, so me getting there, weighing it, and sending it off gets kinda difficult.

it might be cuz i'm not frying outside in the heat and humidity, but right now, i'm in a good little mood :) may not kill anyone today :)

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Date:2004-06-25 02:33

Extraordinary Machine is Love

well finally, GEEZ!

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Date:2004-06-23 01:37
Mood: exhausted

hey you-know-who... how did it go? did you get to do it this morning???

(if this doesn't sound familiar, you don't know. ignore me. only one person, actually, should know what i'm talking about.)


i have tomorrow and thursday off and i'm very happy about this. :) i've earned it. i think i'm going to have sunday off too, which will be nice. 1030am-730pm everyday (which really translates to 8ish pm) is just not super conducive to my body's happiness.

i'm worried about my mom. she was acting NUTS yesterday and i thought it so really funny cuz she said the doctor's gave her morphine. just found out today that they didn't give her a damn thing. soooo... i can't figure out why she was acting the way she was, and saying the things she was. it's REALLY strange. makes no real sense. i'm really hoping that she doesn't have altzheimers... :/ my grandma (her mom) had it and it is hereditary. my mom doesn't want to look in to it though. she's very much so in denial. but, and i really hate to say this, it would explain a lot. i still want to get tested. see if i'm at risk. :/ worried about her.

my finger hurts from writing so damn much in the past couple of days. i think it's mad at me -- again.

burned my hand at work on the hot dog cooker thing. put it right on the hot, spinning burners as a i was cleaning it. i swear, i'm going to leave miami with so many burns and cuts. i should just invest in a family sized tube of neosporin and call it a day.

i'm sleepy. i'm hungry. i really really really want something sweet to eat. i want candy! (and i don't normally crave candy.)

wish i had a cuddle-buddy tonight :/

i'm off people... take care.

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Date:2004-06-14 23:05

very, very tired. wanna lay down. thinking i'm gonna. AFTER reading. ah, who am i kidding... WHILE i read. it'll put me right to sleep :)

i get off tomorrow at 4... thank. god.

i'm obcessed with stationery. don't wanna buy it. perfectly content with making it. so now, i just gotta MAKE it. (well, so more. ;))

i got another letter todaaaay! :) woohoo. 2/20. ok. so that's probably not so good. hehe, but it's still early. whoa. sounds like i'm talking about college acceptances or something. ewwewweww... there will be NONE OF THAT. well, not THIS month anyway :)

work was calming today :) yay.

joined a photo community where there's a weekly challange. finally motivation! :)

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Date:2004-06-14 15:25

at work, but in the office. meaning, i'm in air conditioning. oh how i've missed it here. AC, internet.... true. :)

i MUST finish the harry potter book so that i can go see the movie. (though i might be seeing it on wed evening. :P)

thought i had more to say... turns out, i don't. that's kinda sad.

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Date:2004-06-13 23:55

jim (family friend) is in to photography and got excited when he found out that i am too. so he let me borrow some photography books (which is cool... SO happy i have my scanner) and gave me mags to look at. so now i have a photography buddy :) i'll take some pix and burn them on disk for him to see and critique and blah blah :) but i'm happy.

i love the song "Wonderful" by annie lennox.

still annoyed about work. but won't be with him tomorrow :) (and will have AC... thank GOD)

i got re-addicted to that damn marble magnet thing. i'm on the wagon again. (for now. but going to michael;s tomorrow... we'll see how long that lasts :-p)

anyone make a family tree? how did you keep it from being cluttered. i'm tryign to do a super extended one.... but i dont' know how to make is so that it's not all cluttered and all over the damn place. did you do it on the comp or by hand, etc?

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Date:2004-06-12 01:50

Please recommend to me:

1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album
4. a LiveJournal user not on my friends list
5. a store
6. a website
7. a quote

*come on, you've got nothing else to do :P

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Date:2004-06-11 22:48

i was insanely tired today. overslept...TWICE! ate, once. after 830PM! i was dragging around like crazy. i was giving ppl evil looks i'm sure. hehe. weird. gues i had too much fun yesterday :P

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Date:2004-06-11 12:34

i wanna make a quick shout out to joynd.... cuz i think it would perk her up a little and go "oh cool!" :)

and really, don't we ALL kinda need that every now and then? :)


HI JOY! i'm making crafts... you should be here too! :P

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Date:2004-06-11 12:25

i had such a good time at work yesterday. there was a catsup and mustard war, which i, thank GOD, wasn't directly apart of. but i had my camera... with it's new CF card... and i got pix and video footage. yea. i'm thinking video memory something or other. :)

i got steph into doing marble magnets.... which i've more than just delved back into. *sigh*

the new CF card gives me the ability to take SO many more pix. well over a thousand at a time. i'm excited :)

Penpals are fun, i don't CARE what others say. (damnit)

sorry, i know i haven't updated in a while. mostly cuz NOTHING is going on. but i'm on lj all the time. the communities are great. if ANYTHING, lj will always have me with the communities. for those who don't utilize those, you're missing out, big time.

i shall no longer curse Veet. it worked. (think i have to use a certain one... cuz that spray stuff didn't work for crap :P) excited = me.

gotta finish the harry potter book so i can see the movie...(and return it to cheryl. no, i haven't forgotten :P)

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